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May 26, 2009
Ambassador Rodley Hosts Opening of Art in Embassies Exhibit
Embassy of the United States

April 15, 2009
New Year, New Art: Transformation II in Long Beach

Linda Saphan
Celeste Prize

Linda Saphan
Wikipedia France

May 22, 2008
Modern and Contemporary Visual Arts
Cambodia Cultural Profile, Visiting Arts

October 2007
Artist Interview: Linda Saphan (8:43)
Unedited interview done with Khmer artist Linda Saphan in Phnom Penh at an art opening.

March 2007
Linda Saphan: Driven By Art
Written by: Johan Smits, AsiaLIFE: Phnom Pehn, no. 3, pg. 48.

Visual Arts Open
Artist Review, Linda Saphan
Written by: Michele Vanvlasselaer

Winter 2006
Cambodia's First Visual Arts Open
Written by: Lex Kumar, Art Asia Pacific Magazine, no. 47, pg. 25.

August 14, 2006
Cambodian Artists are Doing It
Art Fairs International

July 7, 2006
Contemporary Art in Cambodia
R. Streitmatter-Tran,

July 6, 2006
Contemporary Art: After troubled past, new expression in Cambodian art
Robert Turnbull, International Herald Tribune, pg. 24

April-May 2006
New Art, New Cambodia
Suzanne Spunner, RealTime Arts Magazine

January 2006
Arts on a Roll: Contemporary painters show potential
Written by: Charles McDermid, Phnom Penh Post

December 10-11, 2005
Phnom Pehn Festival
Written by: Samuel Bartholin, Cambodge Soir

December 2-15, 2005
Contemporary Artists Storm City
Written by: Markus Bernsen, Phnom Penh Post

November 2005
Phnom Penh: The First Cambodian Visual Arts Open
Written by: Lakshmi Kumar, The Nhu Huy Essays

July 29 - August 11, 2005
Art Auction Raises $3,440 to Help Local Arts Community
Sara Veal, Phnom Penh Post

May 16-22, 2005
Artists Cross Borders to Create Exhibition
Aung Kyaw, The Myanmar Times

May 5, 2005
Rencontre artistique a Rangoon pour les Cambodgiens Linda et Sopheap
Cambodge Soir